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The ReDrive way

ReDrive is dedicated to making vehicle ownership easy and affordable. For $24.99 per month, Redrive subscribers have access to discounts and special pricing for all of your auto repair and maintenance needs. A ReDrive concierge will help to maintain your vehicle while saving you time and money.

Regular ReDrive
Synthetic oil change $69.99 FREE
Regular oil change $39.99 FREE
NC State inspection $30.00 FREE
Tires $640.00 $450.00
Brakes $199.00 $99.00
Labor rate $107.50 $75.00
Mark up price on auto parts 40-60% 0%

Check Engine light on?
We have you covered. ReDrive subscribers receive a free check engine light diagnostic. Once the issue is found, you will only pay $75 per hour for labor plus our wholesale cost for the part. Local shops mark up their auto parts 40%-60% and charge, on average, $107.50 per hour for labor.

Need a tow?
ReDrive subscribers receive special pricing. Need to move a vehicle out of town? No worries. We work with auto shippers up and down the east coast and can ship a car anywhere in the country for a fraction of what the retail price would be.

Broken windshield and insurance will not cover it?
Not only will being a ReDrive subscriber give you access to wholesale pricing, but we will also send a mobile installer to your location to replace your windshield.

Are you paying out of pocket for auto body repair?
Subscribe to ReDrive and save 50%. We use quality body repair shops for reconditioning the vehicles we sell and pay wholesale prices for those repairs. As a subscriber, you will pay what we pay. Most minor repairs are cheaper than your deductible.

Are you selling your car?
When you subscribe to ReDrive, we will pay you Kelly Blue Book Private Party Value for your car. Please do not waste your time taking it to the new car dealer or trying to sell it privately.

Need to upgrade your car?
Subscribers will have access to discounts when purchasing a vehicle from our platform. Save yourself from the high-pressure sales tactics and hidden fees at the car dealership.

Owning a vehicle does not have to be hard. Subscribe today to experience the ReDrive difference.